Susan Hoekstra
Author:  The Service Journey
Customer Service Expert
Customer Service Consulting

Customized customer service consulting:  
        Customer service standards
        Customer service training:  in-house or online
        Internal and external service measurements
        Customer service recovery programs
        Customer service recognition programs
        Customer service communications      
        NEW!  Six Sigma Operational excellence  

Because your situation is different than everyone else's, trained professionals can help develop, implement, or evaluate customized service programs that work for your business.

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Susan translated the firm's brand values into practical attitudes and behaviors designed to ensure a consistently high quality experience for our clients. Susan is the real thing, if I may say: no filler here. Any company that consults with her is going to get its money's worth and then some.             - Neil G.

How much is it worth to keep your clients? 

An increase in customer retention rates of 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. 
- Fred Reicheld, The Loyalty Effect

Schedule a Customer Service Audit  We'll spend two full days at your company and audit your firm's service delivery.  You will receive a customized report which assesses your firm's service strengths and weaknesses, identifies quick-hits & prioritizes recommendations.   
Cost:  $5000 plus travel.  
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