Susan Hoekstra
Author:  The Service Journey
Customer Service Expert
The 12-Step Customer Service Strategy Process 
(as detailed in The Service Journey )

Set-up the client experience vision and customer service program
Step 1:  Aligning the Organization to deliver excellent service

Step 2:  Standardizing your Client's Experience

Step 3:  Connecting with your Clients

Step 4:  Owning Your Clients' Experience


Offer proactive service at key client moments
Step 5:  When the Answer is "No"

Step 6:  When Your Clients Don't Know What They Don't Know

Step 7:  When Something Happens
Step 8:  When It's Not Your Job

 Sustain excellent client service results
Step 9:    Nice Employees Who Know What They’re Talking About

Step 10:  Ensuring a Good Experience and Recovering When It’s Not

Step 11:  Measuring Your Progress and Listening to Feedback

Step 12:  Using Recognition Programs to Foster Your Service Culture

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